How to Make it Count in the Classroom

Make it Count provides lesson plans with activities and tips to help you incorporate youth money management into your course of instruction.

  • Spice up the study of Canadian geography by planning a vacation.
  • Provide some practical instruction for a Health and Nutrition lesson by budgeting a healthy restaurant meal.
  • Enliven your Mathematics and Problem Solving class with an interactive activity about the costs of keeping a cell phone.

Virtually every subject offers opportunities to expose students to money management situations. Rather than competing for valuable teaching time, Make it Count can enhance mandated curricula with engaging and practical real-life examples that promote understanding and hone decision‑making skills.

Saving, budgeting, spending wisely, earning money and recognizing scams are a few key concepts that weave themselves through a series of meaningful activities that easily integrate into subjects such as:

  • Math
  • English Language Arts
  • Human Ecology
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Science

Make it Count also serves to address specific curriculum objectives including:

  • Cross-curricular integration
  • Inclusion of technology within the classroom
  • Cultivation of critical thinking skills