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Discount days - Many recreational facilities will have discount days or special time periods with lower costs. For example, some movie theatres will offer free popcorn and pop on a Tuesday night, bringing down the cost of the outing significantly.

Keep your money safe - Whenever your child is out at a movie theatre, arcade or any public place having fun, remind them to keep their money safe from theft. Make sure they keep their money with them at all times. If they have to leave it unsupervised, like at a swimming pool, it should be placed in a locked locker.

Watch the costs - Before heading out, set up a budget for the day's activities. When you and your child are out on the town, costs can quickly add up before you notice it. Keep a running tally of what you have spent and what you know you still have to spend.

on the town

An outing with your child can be great fun for all. Of course, the cost of movies, the water park, concerts and special events can really add up. Try to balance the expensive activities you do with some less expensive or no-cost alternatives. Saving money does not have to mean giving things up, but setting priorities will help keep your budget on track!

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Budget for a special outing

While you don't want to be thinking about money the entire time you are out having fun, it is not a bad idea to talk about it a bit before you go. Let's say you are planning a trip to your local water park or pool. Get your child to find out the admission costs in advance. Have them check for coupons (be sure to read the fine print) or discounts. Ask your child what some of the other costs may be:

  • Is there a cost for the locker at the pool?
  • Will they be buying food or treats at a concession?
  • Will there be a cost to get there?
  • Are there ways to bring the costs down?
  • What about packing a snack, instead of buying one? Make sure that your child knows that special outings are an extra expense and, for that reason, they are treats that won't happen every day.

Fun alternatives

Next time you are thinking about a special outing, check out all of the options! Have your child research different activities you can do in your local area. There are often free or low-cost events taking place throughout your community including cultural events, music festivals, sporting events etc. Check local papers, community guides and online resources for different options. You may find many new, exciting and affordable things to do.